About Us

Our ultimate goal? To make hair removal easy and enjoyable. To make smooth, healthy skin accessible. To provide you with the tools to make your skin glow!

What we believe

Hoosh is powered by inclusivity. We believe hair removal is gender fluid, with everyone deserving to feel good in their skin. We stand for body positivity, self love and self care, and the belief that self confidence can inspire a positive mindset. Hoosh believes in the power of you. Our customer centred approach has produced hair removal solutions that are soothing, effective and smell incredible (I know! Hair removal that smells good, can you believe it?!) We want to raise awareness for the power of self care.
Self care is ultimately health care, right?

Hair Removal Cream


Amazonian Dry Body Scrubs


*Our Hoosh products are proud to be dermatologically tested and safe for all skin types.