How to get rid of your body odour

Everybody sweats. 

In fact, sweating is good.

Sweating is a healthy bodily function, however sometimes it can cause a stink! 

Although body odour is totally normal, it can be quite embarrassing for some individuals especially if the smell is rather pungent. 

The good news is that there are many easy to implement tips and tricks that can help to reduce your body odour. 

What actually causes body odour?

Body odour is essentially the smell of bacteria breaking down sweat. 

The most common place where your body odour is coming from is your armpits. This is because your sweat glands, which are in your armpits, create a high level of protein, which makes it a great place for bacteria to thrive. This usually causes an unwanted (and unpleasant!) smell.

 So it’s not actually the sweat causing that awful stench - it’s actually the bacteria (or microflora)  that lives on your body.  

How can we reduce body odour?

Here are a few simple tricks to help combat body odour and help manage the smell!

  • Remove hair from under your arms

  • Having lots of body hair under your armpits can actually slow the process of evaporating sweat, meaning the bacteria has longer to feed and thrive in these hairy conditions - creating an unpleasant odour. But, removing your armpit hair may help reduce body odour, and reduce the risk of sweat stains too.

    Shaving your armpits regularly will be a pain -  can you imagine having a razor cut right in your pit? 

    The good news is that with Hoosh’s in-shower hair removal cream, you can easily remove all unwanted body hair in less than 6 minutes, with no fuss, no hassle and no pain! 

    What are you waiting for?


  • Wash regularly with a mild soap

  •  Warm water and an antibacterial soap is a good combination for fighting off bacteria that lives within your sweat.

    Here at Hoosh, we know that everybody lives are busy and we’re always on the go - so we don't mean you have to shower every time, even a quick soapy clean at the sink should do the job too! 


  • Use a powerful Antiperspirant

  • After you wash, apply a strong antiperspirant under your armpits.

    Most of these antiperspirants have aluminium chloride, a chemical that works hard to fight off sweat. They also have a deodorant in them too, helping you to smell nice throughout the day! 

    For best results, most people use it twice a day -  once in the morning and then again in the evening.

    When shopping for an antiperspirant, make sure you look for the highest strength ones for the best chance of a good result.


  • Choose the right clothing 

  • Some fabrics will help to cover up your body odour whereas others will hold on to the smell for longer.

    Synthetic fabrics exacerbate smells more than natural materials, so it’s likely that your body odour will linger around for longer in a stretchy polyester top compared to a cotton top.

  • Change up your Diet

  • Most of us know that spicy foods tend to make us sweat more, remember the last time you had a hot curry and could feel the sweat dripping off you? So, some researchers believe that avoiding spicy foods such as curries, onions and chillies is a good way to reduce the potential risk of body odour.

    Another crucial point is to stay hydrated. By drinking a sufficient amount of water, and exercising regularly, you will begin to notice a change in your sweat.  Your sweat right now is probably quite salty, however the more you sweat, it changes to a cleaner, water-like substance with a noticeably reduced odour. 


    We hope these tips and tricks help you learn how to get rid of your body odour naturally.